Alert west Nile virus in the South of France

Health 24 October, 2017


Published the 24.10.2017 at 18: 40
Update the 24.10.2017 to 19h37


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This is the first contamination since two years in France. A person has been diagnosed as a carrier of the west Nile virus Friday, October 20, in Nice. According to the Regional Agency of Health, she is now healed and in good health.

20% of severe forms

In 80% of cases, people infected with the virus have no symptoms, according to the world health Organization. Conversely, when the west Nile fever is declared, it can evolve into a fatal neurological disease. It becomes, in this case, the meningitis west Nile. The WHO estimates that only 1 infected person in 150 develops the more severe form of the disease.

Birds and a mosquito

The west Nile virus is transmitted by mosquitoes, which are themselves contaminated by birds. The man is regarded as an “accidental host” of the disease because it can not transmit the virus.

The LRA insists on the need to put in place several measures, including control and temporary restrictions for the collection of blood products and the removal of organs of the inhabitants of the Alpes-Maritimes. As well as a search of other cases in the health facilities of the region which have an emergency service, and at the laboratory of the CHU of Nice.

Measures of protection

The inhabitants are called upon to protect themselves from mosquito bites. Purchase of a diffuser electric for inside the house, snakes insecticides for outdoor or repellent to skin, several protections are possible.

According to the European Centre for Disease and Control, cited by the ARS, several cases have been reported in Europe in recent weeks. Nine in Romania, four in Italy, two in Hungary and one in Greece.