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Entertainment 13 September, 2017

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In the skin ofAlex Hugo (telefilm aired on Wednesday evening on France 2), a former cop in marseille which leaves the violence of cities to get lost in the mountains, Samuel le Bihan has captivated millions of viewers. What a singular personality and engaging personality behind the character, loving justice and freedom ? The five-point response.

This son and grandson of fishermen who lends her traits to Alex Hugo on France 2 was able to walk the social elevator. In the 90s, he was appointed to the Cesar for Best actor for Captain Conan by Bertrand Tavernier, and then fallen in love with Nathalie Baye in Venus beauty (Institute), Pitch Marshall, and finally the general public that short-see the pact of The wolves (more than five million viewers for the film by Christophe Gans). We saw her wiggle into Disco by Fabien Onteniente, arm in Braquo d’Olivier Marchal… What you need to know by Samuel le Bihan.

He knows how to spit fire and to recite the Feydeau or the Crow

One day, he accompanied a friend to a theatre course and finds himself on stage. The virus does not let go more. It will pass by the cours Florent, but also by the prestigious Conservatory of theatre, in Paris. To live, Samuel le Bihan multiplies the odd jobs : night watchman, window cleaner, worker at Renault, courier, and got a scholarship. At 20 years old, he creates a character of clown, mime and performs in street shows. A fakir will even teach him how to spit fire. Seven years later, he entered the Comédie Française, the holy Grail for an actor ! He stayed there for four years (it will start to turn Venus beauty) and bluffera all of its partners, replacing an actor up in take care of Amélie Feydeau, directed by Roger Planchon : 300 pages of text to learn in 3 days. Challenge !

He returned with his father

A young man, he was drooling to Francis, the paternal ! The latter, a former fisherman and a fisherman’s son has had to leave Britain to come to wash the windows in Paris at the beginning of the seventies, because financially, the fishing was earning more than enough. But between the son difficult to channel, which suffers from being a bad student in class and the father taiseux, the communication is difficult, if not impossible. Arrived at the age of retirement, Francis returns to Brest, is learning the accordion (his dream), made his beehives and his apple juice. And then one day, he resumes contact with this son, with which the links were almost broken. “Maybe before I wasn’t listening? Go figure ? In any case, now I hear, said Samuel Le Bihan in Paris-Match. And I understand a little better why I am what I am. […] When we are young we refuse to accept the inheritance, we want to discover other horizons, today I want to exploit what I built. “In this same quest for roots, the actor is installed in the Xviith arrondissement of Paris where he grew up child.

He said that he was himself “a father’s awkward

Samuel le Bihan has two children : Jules, 22 years old, and Angia, 5 years old, the daughter he had with Daniela Beye, his love for fifteen of which he is now separated. The actor says he made mistakes with his son Jules, errors of youth, as they say. He admits to having been awkward, projecting on him ” an ideal self “. “The kids, he said, they want to have our qualities our defects, but face it, there is another person that he should get to know because we love it.” The actor is afraid to miss the son that escapes him, even as he escaped his father in his childhood. But history will not repeat itself, Samuel le Bihan will work on him. Now, more laid back, trimballant less anxieties, he knows how to meet the insatiable demand of love which a child needs.

He loves his neighbour better than himself

When Samuel le Bihan is found at the top of the poster, it feels a little lonely, all that strength to do the wide gap between popular films and classical theatre, he does not belong truly to any family in France, we don’t like too much the acrobats who move from one label to another. One day, he discovers the one-man-show self-produced by a young artist : François-Xavier Demaison. Blow of heart. The actor believes in the stand-up comedian at the point of launch into production of his show. He went as far as to call journalists himself, to convince them to come to applaud her discovery. The future will give him reason. François-Xavier Demaison will be the career that you know. Today, each is the godfather of the daughter of the other, and these two are connected as are of brothers.

It gives the thrill girls

On stage, we saw Samuel le Bihan resume the role of sulphur of Marlon Brando in A streetcar named desire. Shirtless. In the room, we could hear the girls hold their breath ! The actor has the muscle, and the smile pests. “Some lay down to succeed, I’ve managed to lay down ” he started with a sense of humor in its early stages. In 2002, the magazine VSD that did respond in relation to this statement, he admitted that he be calmed down and added, with a spontaneity, encouraging : “still, I’m still amazed to have been able to sleep with girls that I felt were inaccessible. The kind that you would have never looked at” In October 2017, the readers of the magazine Glam’mag rank with Samuel le Bihan “The actor the sexiest in the world“.

In the meantime, on his account Insagram, samuel le Bihan share in its many -and many – fans-the-scenes of Alex Hugo… Atmosphere !

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Samuel Le Bihan, François-Xavier Demaison

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