Alexandra Rosenfeld celebrates 30 years with her daughter and Miss girlfriends

Entertainment 29 November, 2016

Born on November 23, the former Miss France Alexandra Rosenfeld celebrated its 30th anniversary this weekend with his friends, they also old-Miss. A festive and crazy evening, which shows how young women are complicit points.

miss-france-soire-eLast weekend, the beautiful Alexandra Rosenfeld celebrated its 30 years. Elected Miss France 2006 and Miss Europe, she kept strong links with other Miss she encountered during her adventure. On the pictures of his birthday party, posted on her Instagram account, we discover and Malika Ménard , Flora Coquerel , Marine Lorphelin , Laury Thilleman and Valerie Begue were all present . The group has everything a true family: welded accomplice … but also always ready to party!
Obviously, the whole bunch has enjoyed the evening. On one of the pictures, the Miss are almost all dressed up as Britney Spears in her clip worship Baby One More Time , with pigtails and a skirt schoolgirl.
On another photo of the event, Alexandra Rosenfled appears happy, ready to blow out candles on a very tasty cake. ” Thank head Juan Arbelaez for Excellence dinner and gluten free cakes! ” , She has written legend, thanking the renowned chef who is also the companion of Laury Thilleman.
Alexandra Rosenfeld confided in Paris Match there are few, this unparalleled friendship between Miss. ‘ J ‘ was elected 11 years ago. Since then I keep seeing our family of Miss s enlarge. The last elected to call them with great affection “small.” We are all close and have a lot of respect for each other ” , she had said. She will soon meet his new sister, who will be elected Miss France 2017 on 17 December. The official photos of thirty candidates for the Miss France 2017 were revealed last week.
The daughter of Alexandra Rosenfeld, little Ava, 6, also appears in photographs of the evening. It is already part of the family of Miss … and her godmother is none other than Valerie Begue.