Algae neurotoxic : eight dogs die by bathing in the Loire

Health 21 August, 2017


Published the 18.08.2017 at 18h23


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Toxic algae have been identified in the waters of the Loire valley, has confirmed this Friday, the prefecture of the Maine-et-Loire. These algae would be the cause of the deaths of eight dogs since the beginning of the month of August. “The analyses carried out at the place of bathing of dogs that died have confirmed the presence of two genera of algae, of the family of cyanobacteria whose toxicity is known: Oscillatoria and Formidium,” said the prefecture in a press release.

These algae secrete neurotoxins, including toxoid, ” highlighted in a number of cases of death of dogs in other departments “. “The animals have succumbed to neurological disorders, gastrointestinal and/or respiratory very quickly after being bathed or having drunk in the Loire “.

12 poisoning

In the Maine-and-Loire, 12 poisonings of dogs, including eight fatal had been reported by veterinarians from the 9 August to the departmental Directorate for the protection of populations in the areas of Montjean-sur-Loire, St Saturnin-sur-Loire, Ripe-Erigné, Saint-Jean-des-Mauvrets, The Thoureil and the surrounding areas of Saumur.

The prefecture calls on pet owners to avoid the walk and a swim ” in the edge of the Loire, and, generally speaking, in stagnant water “. Concerning the risks to the human population, the prefecture of Maine-et-Loire, remember that it is strictly forbidden to swim in the Loire. It also calls for vigilance ” of the users of the bathing of the Rochefort-on-Loire, on the Louët, a tributary of the river also affected by the presence of cyanobacteria “.

Cases in the Cher

In early August, several cases of fatal intoxication of dogs had already been reported in the Cher, Indre and Loir-et-Cher, after bathing in the Expensive. Has Orleans, swimming in the water of the Island Charlemagne is prohibited for more than a week due to the presence of cyanobacteria.