Alicia Aylies, Miss France 2017, reveals to have been “a real missed boy”

Entertainment 26 December, 2016

One may have been elected more beautiful woman of France and not having grown by cultivating its beauty with great reinforcement of makeup, this is what entrusted Alicia Aylies, Miss France 2017.
It’s quite a snub to the Miss France than to entrust this to have been a ” tomboy ” younger. This confidence comes from Alicia Aylies make our confreres P aris Match . In the interview posted on the magazine’s website, the new ambassador of French glamor says even begun to wear dresses and makeup after his regional election.
A peak for the one year during, will receive the utmost attention from the greatest beauty professionals. Because on the shelf of her teenage passions, no nail polish and other lipstick to emphasize even more its luster but a mask, the one that carries the fencers to protect potential mischief.
A sport that the new Miss France practiced with intensity throughout his adolescence . At the point of participating in renowned competitions like the Antilles-Guyane championship: ” I have even thought of becoming a professional. But at 16 years I preferred the school. ” She tells the magazine.
However, Alicia Aylies has not found its reflection in the mirror with the Miss France. The beautiful Guyanese quickly – after putting his foil in its sheath – able to play its physical assets: ” That’s when I answered an ad and I was selected to participate in a ‘fashion week’ local . There, an agency spotted me and made me sign a contract. Since I continue parades and photo shoots. ” She says.
Will follow her participation in the Miss Guyana election until his consecration on December 17, at the Arena in Montpellier that of Miss France. A new life that the young woman discovers not not, even timidly advancing towards the light which suits him so well. A normal adaptation period during which she lets ” guided by Miss France organization ” and the obvious good will of Sylvie Tellier. However his coronation will offer him a real personal challenge: that of living away from his family for the first time.
” Living in Paris will be a challenge ,” so prevents one that will enjoy its reign for a cause close to his heart namely the rehabilitation of troubled youth through sport: ” This is how I learned tolerance, determination, team spirit, the sense of competition: all that allowed me to arrive there . “Thus I learned tolerance, determination, the spirit