Alicia Keys, Vanessa Demouy, Elle Macpherson: what are their mantras?

Entertainment 24 November, 2016

November gives you the blues? Bring the sunshine in your life with these thoughts, famous or not, made by stars on their Instagram account.

alicia-keysTo fight against the ambient blues, fear of tomorrow, or just for the fun of words, people become poet on their Instagram wire. Depending on the time, our mood, we can learn from these thoughts to reinvent our lives.
Combative? As the top model Elle Macpherson , 52, still dazzling : ” You do not always need a goal. Sometimes, you just need to breathe, to think, to go and see what happens . ”
Sages? As Michel Denisot, editorial director of the magazine Vanity Fair, which has left affected by the graffiti inscribed on the walls of dramatic art courses Rene Simon, in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. ” Being in the wind is a dead leaf of ambition . ” Or the actress Vanessa Demouy who fell asleep on that thought mailed before going to bed
:” Giving has never been easier. But hold on to something better left to go can be just as painful. The strength of a being is not measured by its ability to be able to retain anything but than you can let go soon as necessary . “Full of hope ? The same Vanessa Demouy posted at the Super Extra Moon, as NASA calls of 14 last November: ” I want the extra in the ordinary .” The same urge to light uplifts comedian Berengere Krief that puts its wireless photo of these words: ” to offer the wings .”
Bold? As singer Alicia Keys: ” Have a clear vision that your fears become obsolete .” To the wise…