Alien Covenant: 10 minutes very gores unveiled, what are the first opinions?

Cinema 5 January, 2017

Several sites had the opportunity to discover the first few minutes of the film Alien Covenant. What do the first opinions say?
In May released Alien Covenant, which will have many links with Prometheus . For the occasion, the Fox decided to reveal several excerpts to selected journalists. But what say these first returns around the new film of the franchise Alien? Warning, spoilers are many: so stop reading now if you want to keep a complete surprise the big day . Julien Jouanneau L’Express described several horrific scenes, including one depicting a man “convulsing” before explaining “It’s very fast horror. A creature emerges from the spine of the unhappy, swimming, A little whitish little beetle, which resembles both the end of Prometheus and the emblematic of Alien, stretches itself out, screams, stretches his legs and up, like a calf that is born . ” Suffice to say that in reading this comparison with the iconic Xenomorph from Eighth Passenger , one can not help but have the mouth water!
For Christopher Foltz Screen Large, Alien Covenant, a first scary teaser was unveiled , will be halfway between Alien and Prometheus . The reporter took the opportunity to clarify that the end of the excerpts presented ends with “a little editing centered around the character of Daniels that we discovered in action well badass woman at gunpoint and marcel, fighting for his life” . Impossible not to think about the heroine of the tetralogy Alien , Ripley (Sigourney Weaver), who sports physical similarities and character recalling that description. For FilmsActu is simple: “Alien Covenant not skimp on the gory effects, anhedral and terror” . With all these more enthusiastic feedback, impossible not to be excited to see Alien Covenant … And you wait to see the movie?