Alien Covenant: A first scary teaser, the return of the famous creature

Cinema 30 December, 2016

The famous creature created in 1979 signs its great return in Alien Covenant. A first scary teaser was unveiled …

Ridley Scott hopes to revive its cult films in 2017. Because after the announcement of Blade Runner, 9 unpublished photographs of the film were unveiled , it was the turn of Alien Covenant to show through a first teaser. Almost 36 years after The Eighth Passenger , the famous Xenomorph therefore will return under the guidance of one who created this creature alongside the sculptor and illustrator H. R. Giger. On the program: blood, bursts, an unknown planet and the return of several characters in Prometheus . The cast will consist among others Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace or the star of Fantastic Beasts : Katherine Waterston.
The trailer begins with a frightening scene in which a man seems to be infected by a Facehugger, one of the creatures that gives birth to the Xenomorphs. Soon, Alien Covenant presents the members of this crew no idea of the danger facing on a hostile planet that they will explore. Creatures unsavory, bloodshed … all the ingredients seem to be present to make this album a new stone to the Alien building . Fans of Katherine Waterston , star of Fantastic Beasts, saga that will last 19 years , will be happy to see the actress in a role that reflects its character completely Porpentina Goldstein. Conquered by this teaser?