Alien Covenant: New details on Walter and David (Michael Fassbender) unveiled

Cinema 17 April, 2017

Today we know a little more about David and Walter, the two androids played by Michael Fassbender in Alien: Covenant, with new information!
What can David, the android of Prometheus , be producing? It’s a question that, just a few weeks before the release of Alien: Covenant , obsesses us. Because it seems that the character has become more and more shady, since his head flew with Elizabeth Shaw in the engineers ship! One is more or less certain now that the robot played by Michael Fassbender has something to do with the birth of the Neomorphs . So if we can not wait to discover the muzzle full of canine drool of extraterrestrials, we are also very suspicious of the robot. And the new details that were unveiled on his character, but also on Walter, the other android played by Michael Fassbender, Do not have enough to reassure us! Empire magazine, which had the opportunity to visit the set of Alien: Covenant , was able to gleaned exclusively some information about the two protagonists.
And the first thing the magazine tells us is that Walter’s mission is to take care of the Covenant ship while his crew, which is composed only of couples, is plunged into sleep. A role that resembles the one that David held in Prometheus ! As for the latter, it seems that he found his cybernetic body thanks to Elizabeth Shaw, whose fate was teased in a video of Alien: Covenant . And it must be believed that since his foray into the planet of Engineers, David has come to develop a fascination not very healthy for the awful extraterrestrial creatures … and a certain contempt for humans ! After the death of Peter Weyland, its creator, in Prometheus , The robot became disinterested in humanity, which, according to the writer John Logan, ended up disappointing him. As a result, he turned to … the study of extraterrestrial life. This is not frankly good news for the crew of the Covenant, who will be attracted by a call for help from a mysterious planet. And who is going to find himself hunted by the Neomorphs.
And if not, Walter, in all this? Well, according to Empire magazine’s news, this new android, which looks like David, has an unfailing loyalty to the crew of the ship. But above all, according to Michael Fassbender, Walter has a technology more advanced than David. However, the latter being of the vain kind and knowing himself highly intelligent, there is a good chance that he tries to convince Walter to join his camp . In other words, in this case, Daniels (Katherine Waterston) will have to doubly beware. Especially that Walter’s reflections and thoughts should not be able to be read on his robotic face, which will make the interactions of other characters with him all the more delicate! In any event, The two androids should engage in a small philosophical duel while the Neomorph will ravage the Covenant and massacre its crew. What give us cold sweats, especially because, as promised Ridley Scott, Alien: Covenant would be particularly scary ! What do you think ?