Alien Covenant: The nightmare begins in a new excerpt

Cinema 5 May, 2017

Alien Covenant will be released on May 10 at the cinema, but the nightmare begins now with a new extract of the film.
To leave to colonize a planet, aboard a ship, in the ‘middle’ of space, with a great number of uncertainties for a journey that will last for years, clearly must be COSTAUDS. We are not sure we would have done it and even less when we know the Alien saga. Ridley Scott announced the color, Alien Covenant will be more frightening than ever and we believe him on parole. After a road accident, the crew of the Covenant ship finds itself on a planet discovered by chance and which reserves to them many surprises. If the latter resembles the Earth with its mountains, lakes and vegetation, they will soon realize that they are not the only ones to have invited themselves.
In the excerpt we are releasing today, some members of the crew have just got to know the local population and as you can see, the agreement is far from cordial and it is downright DEGUEU. Sensitive souls abstain otherwise you will end up like the poor gentleman who does not look at the top of his form. Quarantine obliges, one of his colleagues is stuck with him and we frankly confess to you, we would not like at all to be in his place! At the cast of Alien Covenant we will find Katherine Waterson and Michael Fassbender in the role of Walter and David !