Alien Covenant: The scenery of the film unveiled in a making-of

Cinema 2 May, 2017

As the release of Alien Covenant approaches, the film unfolds a bit more through a making-of revealing how the sets and their design will look.
If there is one area in which Ridley Scott exceeds, it is creating incredible visual universes for his films. Just take a look at Blade Runner or the first Alien to be convinced. Alien Covenant, whose prologue reveals the fate of the survivors of Prometheus , should not derogate from the rule. Following Prometheus rather beautiful visually, this sequel featuring the Xenomorph should offer its share of vessels and other hostile landscapes. It is through a video that the design of the scenery of Alien Covenant was unveiled and the least that can be said is that the work is colossal! The technicians did not chaumé to please the fans.
Dozens of characters, pieces built from A to Z, an impressive material … impossible not to be surprised by the colossal work of the team and let go a big egg . And why ? Because it must admitted that decorations in the hand, it is still more beautiful than CGI in general ! The man who introduced the making-of of Alien Covenant, whose engineers’ end was teased in a new TV spot , is none other than Adam Savage . The latter is known to have worked on the visual effects of the last two Matrix , the second Star Wars or AI Artificial Intelligence . Short, All this augurs very good for the next film of the franchise Alien. What do you think of this video?