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Entertainment 19 December, 2017

Miss France

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Since the election of Maeve Coucke the title of Miss France 2018, not everyone speaks… From her twin sister ! Alizée, his double, is also very popular, especially with naked pictures.

As a general rule, when a young woman is elected Miss France, she finds herself caught in a media whirlwind. It is of course the case of Maeve Coucke, Miss France 2018. The latter made the rounds of the media to talk of his reign, even if it would go well with a part of the attention : she is at the centre of controversy, following a declaration clumsy about Alicia Aylies.

But once is not custom, and if the pretty redhead is in the spotlight, she is not the only one. Its twin, Alizée, is also at the center of the attention. Internet users were quick to spot the sister of Miss France 2018, and do not hesitate to compare them. Easy : physically, they are similar in all points. Same slim figure, same pretty face. The only noticeable difference is that Alizée has kept her hair color natural. On the other hand, the latter has a side that is different from its sister : model, she has posed in lingerie, naked breasts, for the magazine to Him.

The photos were quickly found by internet users. Since Monday 18 December, they circulate on the social networks, and they have been repeated by a large majority of sites, people : we discover the twin of the queen of beauty arm cast, and bob pierce. It was not necessary any more to unleash passions. To such point that l’one speaks almost as much Alizée as Maëva ! To the point of stealing the show at the new Miss France ? The latter refuses to be put in competition with her twin brother, and prefers to point the finger at their differences in the columns of Paris Match, praising his talents model : “My twin sister, Alizée, is a party to the age of 18 years old to become a model. She has lived in Milan and travels around the world to the sandstone of its contracts. ”

One thing is for sure : this new popularity can only help the career of the young woman. On Instagram, she continues to gain subscribers, and more and more brands are likely to be interested in it.

Photo credits : Laurent Vu/SIPA

Maeve Coucke

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