All for one, the premium: Black M, Vitaa and Claudio Capeo mobilize for a family in need

Entertainment 1 January, 2017

NRJ 12 arrives with Tous pour un, the premium, a show in which Black M, Vitaa and Claudio Capeo offer a wonderful gift.
Then we revealed to you there is little the best clips of 2016 , it is time to turn the page and start the new year off right. For that, nothing better than a full solidarity program on NRJ 12. Yes, for this first evening of 2017, the chain you introduce the new version of All Together tonight (01/01) at 20:50 . With Tous pour un, the bonus, the teams of the chain mobilize to help a family in need by rebuilding their house which threatens to collapse. That’s not all, as Black M, Vitaa and Claudio Capeo also helped.
For transmission All for one, the premium, Black M , Vitaa and Claudio Capeo decided to be generous in helping the channel to raise funds . How? Simply by organizing a charity evening. The three singers gave voice to finance the purchase of materials necessary for the redevelopment of the house. Like what, even if they are part of the top albums and play in sold-out rooms, the stars are always there for their neighbors. A great way to start the year is not it? It is hoped that it will begin both for Justin Bieber could sweep the Grammy in 2017 . Who will be on NRJ 12 tonight at 8:50 pm?