All in Scene: A feel-good movie with the catchy soundtrack, our critic!

Cinema 25 January, 2017

After Me, ugly and wicked, Les Minions and Comme des Betes, discover the new animated film of the studios Illumination: All on stage, today in theaters. Discover our review!
With the release of La La Land , the latest film by Damien Chazelle with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling pushing the song , you almost forget the other films. Yet he leaves today another kind of musical that is worth seeing in theaters: the last animated film studio Illumination, The Band ! Riding the wave of success in musical shows such as The Voice , he directed Buster Moon , a koala director of a large theater, to save his childhood dream of the evil banker Lama, the idea of Organize a singing competition. Several candidates are selected: a porcine overwhelmed by her duties as a mother, a rebellious porcupine, a perfidious mouse, a gorilla with a tender heart, an ultra-shy elephant, and finally a fan of sequins with a German accent (Very) pronounced. Oh, and let’s not forget Miss Crawley, Buster Moon’s assistant! His clumsiness made us laugh, as well as the recurring gag of Kawaii, Buster Moon jokes or even casting pans to bleed from both ears. Real feel-good movie , The Band laugh us from beginning to end!
But besides being full of humor, The Band , it is especially an animated film to the soundtrack of the most catchy. And because it is composed of almost 65 songs , more mythical than each other. Of My Way by Frank Sinatra, to Firework Katy Perry, through Bamboleo of Gipsky Kings, or Shake It Off of Taylor Swift and Stay With Me Stan Smith, there is something for everyone and every age ! As a tribute to music in general, The Band is also causing so we are surprised to mumble the lyrics to beat foot or to wiggle in his seat! Or how to come out of the movie theater in a good mood, ready to face the world and realize his dreams, as subtly taught us the main message of the film. To give you a little preview of what awaits you, discover the trailer of melty, with Jenifer and Patrick Bruel in VF! You bet that after that, you book illico presto your session? So, will you see it?