All in Scene: Elodie Martelet and Sacha Perez “Have confidence in yourself and be yourself”

Cinema 27 January, 2017

On the occasion of the release of Tous en scène, we met those who hide behind the voices of Ash and Johnny. Discover our interview with Elodie Martelet and Sacha Perez.
Like last year, 2017 promises us some nuggets in terms of animated film. Starting with The Band, you can discover our criticism . Directed by Garth Jennings, The Band is a tribute to music programs so The Voice . It stages Buster, a small koala ready to do anything to save his theater. He then came up with the idea of ​​organizing a singing competition. Five candidates are selected for this challenge: a seductive as well as dishonest mouse, a young shy elephant devoured by trac, a sow mother of family overflowed by her 25 small marcasers, a young gorilla delinquent Sam Smith fan and a punk porcupine Who struggles to shine in front of her boyfriend to the oversized ego. Behind the last two characters, aka Johnny and Ash are just hiding the voices of two former candidates of The Voice : Elodie Gavel and Sacha Perez. To learn more about these two young hopefuls of the song and their characters, discover our interview below!
This is the first time you double an animated character, what did you think of this experience?
Elodie Martelet: We feasted, it was so good. It was a new experience so it was a completely unknown terrain, there was everything to build for us, everything to do since we did not have any technique. We were super coached by a lady called Virginie, who was with us and who really helped us. It was too nice!
Sacha Perez: That’s it, you got no experience and today it has absorbed and the thing is that the hearts.
How did you get there?
Elodie Martelet: We were called by Universal. I remember, I was on holiday in the Dordogne, on the terrace of a cafe, in a corner headed, and I get the call from my manager who offers me this and I jumped for joy. Because I wanted to do it, I spoke of it two months ago between friends on the musical Resiste and I said that I would love to double a cartoon. That call was crazy what!
Speaking of cartoons, if you could duplicate another animated character already known, you would choose which one?
Sacha Perez: Small Minion!
Elodie Martelet: In Disney, I could see myself in a role somewhat funny, somewhat fun. Genre Timon!
Elodie, you double Ash, a rebel porcupine but a little sensitive, and Sacha, you double Johnny, the delinquent gorilla with big heart, do you recognize yourself in their characters?
Sacha Perez: Completely. In style, maybe not in the hair! When we see him, we say to him, his father is a delinquent, necessarily also, while he does not at all. At first he does it a little, in the first scene of the film, but he does not want to do that, what he wants is to sing. And he does not want to take on the fact that he likes it, because it may be frowned upon by his family. I am not a delinquent but in the fact that we should not rely on appearances.
Elodie Martelet: It is sensitive, it is rock, she loves the guitar. And one thing in common that we both have is that she composes and writes. Interpreting a character who is a songwriter and who will succeed in making a song to her in the cartoon, it’s super beautiful. It is a nice message, saying that you come with what you are, we accept you and we encourage you to do what you are, it is a super strong message for young people and a lot of artists in construction. It’s a side that touched me a lot in this character. There is a real trick to defend.
As you point out, the film encourages to embark on dreams. If you had a piece of advice to give to young people who want to get into the career of singer?
Sacha Perez: Trust yourself and just be yourself!
Elodie Martelet: Treat yourself, go to the bottom. Do this because you want to do it, not because you have to do it. And do not move your loved ones too far, even though sometimes it can be a craft that is hard. One receives so much love and happiness that one must know to share it with its close relations and above all, they are a true support.
There are about 85 songs in Tous en scène. So, we will make a little game to finish the interview. I will ask you to choose between two stars of music or songs:
Adele or Beyonce?
In chorus: Adele!
Taylor Swift or Katy Perry?
In chorus: Taylor Swift!
Sam Smith or John Legend?
Sacha Perez: Sam Smith
Elodie Martelet: John Legend
My Way or Hallelujah?
In chorus: Hallelujah
Bamboleo or Let’s Face the Music and Dance?
In chorus (and music): Bamboleoooo!