All in Scene: Patrick Bruel and Jenifer “Give yourself all the possibilities to live your passion”

Cinema 25 January, 2017

When they do not sing or play the actors, Jenifer and Patrick Bruel have fun doubling the voices of Rosita and Buster Moon in Tous en scène. Discover our exclusive interview.
You laughed at me Despicable , Minions or Like Beasts ? Wait to see All on Stage, the new nugget studios Illumination you can find our review ! Directed by Garth Jennings , this animated film features Buster Moon, a koala director of a large theater which is found under a mountain of debt. Desperate to save his precious possession, he suddenly comes to the idea of organizing a singing competition, so The Voice . Five candidates are selected: a treacherous mouse, a timid young elephant, a broken-hearted punk porcupine, a sensitive young gorilla and a sow mother of a family overwhelmed by her 25 little marcasers. Guess who does the voice of it elsewhere, alias Rosita? Jenifer , the singer! And on the occasion of the film’s release in theaters, we had the chance to meet and Patrick Bruel , who is hiding meanwhile behind the voice of Buster Moon, the koala. An exercise to which they both have already lent in the past, and we asked them what they liked as much in the dubbing of animated films. Find out their answer below!
In The Band , there is a lot of humor, but there is also a very important message: that of not hesitate to fulfill his dreams, especially not to abandon them, that anything is possible. So we asked them if they had any advice for young people who wanted to get started, especially in music. “From start” simply replied Patrick Bruel, while Jenifer advises “do not try to be someone else and to give every opportunity to live his passion” . Finally, the soundtrack of nearly 65 songs, we had fun asking them to choose between two stars of music or songs, and we let you discover their answers! And waiting to see what gives the film by yourself, get a first look through the trailer for All on Stage, featuring the voices of Patrick Bruel and Jenifer.