Allison Mack, the former star of Smallville, made a blunder during an interview about his sect sex

Cinema 31 May, 2018






New twist in the case’s sordid old actress from Smallville. If she had plead not-guilty, this new testimony will not help.

The story fascinated the american press and the public. The former co-star of Smallville, Allison Mack, has just undergone a radical turning-point in his court case. The if cute blonde is accused of having been the n°2 of a sect sex, called NXIVM. Introduced by his colleague from work, Kristin Kreuk, the interpreter of Lana, Allison Mack has found its marks in this sect, since it has worked for nearly 12 years. Acting for the account of the guru, Keith Ranière, the young actress has brought back a package of poor women in this organization.


Flee Jensen, will instead join Supernatural


Very close to its leader, she would have subsequently formed a group called DOS. Kind of pyramidal organization that has involved more than 50 victims. Later, while BACK was called the sweet “sorority secrets”, it represented a “movement for women,” and that purpose was to restore the confidence of the people lost and lonely. At the time of the case of Paris Match had managed to glean testimony from a former victim :

“I was told that if I entered the sorority secret, I would have more confidence in myself. During the initiation ceremony, they told us to undress and lie down on a massage table, saying, Master, mark me, it would be an honor“. We were told that we were going to make us a tattoo discreet, but instead of that, we cauterized the initials of Keith Ranière to the skin.”


You know, I also have a face câchée that I didn’t show it to anyone…


In the Face of the tumult of the judiciary, the actress had been arrested last April and released against a bail of 5 million dollars. Assigned to residence, with the wearing of an electronic bracelet, Allison Mack wanted to carefully prepare his or her defence in order to plead not-guilty.

During an interview with the New York Times Magazine, the lady has yet committed the blunder of saying out loud what she was doing. She described that the idea of marking the skin of his victims had actually come of it :

“I said : “And you all, have a tattoo, it says to you ?”. People fill the mouth non-stop and are tattooed the ankle with writing BFF [editor’s note : Best friend for life], or above the buttocks “.


“I think I’m on the steep slope there”


The victims were so marked in iron red of the initials of their master “KR”. What apparante still more mutilation than a simple “tattoo”. To be free of all responsibility, the actress recalled that the group BACKS were for the purpose of “bringing together women and ensure that they are fully committed to each vis-à-vis others, and to become the embodiment of their me more powerful.”

They had to”push back their greatest fears, by exposing their greatest vulnerabilities, knowing that they could hold with the help of others no matter what would happen, keeping their promises and by ignoring the pain”.

She will be summoned to appear in October next. The actress faces a minimum of 15 years in prison.