Alma finished 12 th at the Eurovision 2017, relive his perfect performance on Requiem

Entertainment 14 May, 2017

Let’s make the magic last a little longer by reviewing Alma’s super performance at Eurovision 2017! Leave for “Requiem”!
It just finished! This evening live from Kiev, took place the 62nd edition of the Eurovision contest . Opposing 26 countries through music, the grand finale was the occasion to discover extraordinary artists and other less good … Do not hesitate to read our recap with Portugal who was crowned winner in the end From evening to general surprise. If it is the young Salvador Sobral who won the victory with “Amar Pelos Dois”, our national pride Alma has not demerited with his tube “Requiem” , far from it! Aided by the votes of the public, the French singer finished 12 th of the standings (out of 26) with 135 points . An honorable score for France!
Frankly, everything was perfect during the performance of Alma! If we are happy to have managed to climb to the 12th in the Eurovision competition, the title “Requiem” deserved to be a little higher in the ranking! Especially when we see some countries that are in front of us … In any case, the singer has offered a beautiful moment on stage with impeccable accuracy and scenography as simple as effective. And it did not have to be easy for her to go last at the show in Kiev. So bravo Alma, once again! A beautiful projection of France overseas thanks to her and we wish her success in the future. Discover also the musical tastes – Amir, Jul, Céline Dion – Alma excluded for melty ! What did you think of his passage?