Alma: Requiem, go behind the scenes of the clip in EXCLU

Entertainment 25 January, 2017

Exclusive special today, we take you behind the scenes of the clip “Requiem”, Alma’s single to listen to as soon as possible. Watch out!
There is little, Alma was honored in our column discovery with “Requiem”, a single to listen urgently . you will understand, this is the nice surprise to start 2017 off right. We can even afford to go further by saying that the singer of 28 years has all the cards to become the revelation of this year ( no exaggeration ). As follows closely the latest news, we had the chance to go to the video shoot “Requiem” . Well, by the time we write these few lines, only the video lyrics is available. Unable to stop there with such a piece, Warner decided to bet everything on this artist with bright future. So rendezvous in the 12th arrondissement of Paris for an afternoon shoot and interview.
Past the doors of the famous studio, we discover a huge green background and a lot of material for the filming of the video: from cameras to lights to amps, means are there to make a clip worthy of the name. A great team is present to tie up all this and make the project even crazier. In a poetic Parisian atmosphere, a surreal strand, Alma will offer you a real journey to the heart of Paris . She landed on the plateau a few minutes after our arrival, smiling but a bit shy in front of all the world. It must be said that she has not necessarily been accustomed to it since her young age as some. For the record, Alma was first shackled 5 years of business school before making a 360 ° turn and get into the music . It was followed by singing, writing, music theory and composition to reach a certain level before throwing himself into the big bath.
After a lot of travels, Alma realized that her main source of inspiration was French variety. Between Michel Berger, Françoise Hardy and Zazie, she loves texts with deep themes in which one can identify. A registry that fits perfectly with “Requiem” , a title showing that we must enjoy every moment loving people around us . As she said during our meeting: “We’re not there forever, no time to take the lead we go and gets off now.” A beautiful message that suggests that positive for his first album. We are told in the headset that would also be ready and no longer require that emerge like Lady Gaga planned for end of 2017 . We do not know you but here, we wait for that! By waiting, do not forget to follow Alma on his YouTube channel , Facebook page , Twitter account and his Instagram account to not miss anything of the news. Hate to discover this video?