Alma unveils Requiem, the single pop to listen urgently

Entertainment 16 January, 2017

Real pop nugget, “Requiem” of Alma is undoubtedly the single that you must listen urgently. We tell you more!
In 2017, the editorial music melty’ll meet every Monday to find those that have been validated and that will mark the year – and the music charts . After Nayra and excellent single “No” , continues this week with Alma! “Kiss me, tell me you love me” That’s what Alma (28) launches “Requiem” , his new single. Available since last week on all legal download platforms, the song follows “The fall is slow” , his first title. Leading and masterful, “Requiem” is not unlike some pieces Indila and Stromae. A combination which clashes and delights the ears from the first notes. After spending time composing piano-voice titles, the one that has just been signed at Warner Music France is now ready to mark the musical landscape. “The girls become women” recalls she well in “Requiem”.
Nostalgic front, “Requiem” has not failed to attract the attention of Internet users . The lyric video has already been seen more than 3400 times as we write these lines and it’s a safe bet that the title will quickly become a cardboard. The energy of Alma is more than communicative while his words are not to displease us. After seeing the Three Donkeys and Constable of Paris, the public seems more than ready to make room for the beautiful Alma . Moreover, his recent trips to Brussels, Milan, Los Angeles, Sao Paulo and Miami promise a first very eclectic and inspired disc – the image of the pop video for “Where to?” Lea Paci . Meanwhile, do not miss anything in the news of Alma by subscribing to his YouTube channel , Twitter account and his Instagram account because it is already rumored that the title could represent France at Eurovision … And you, What do you think of “Requiem”?