Aloe vera : a blogger chinese intoxicates live

Health 4 July, 2017

The agave that is used in place of the aloe vera by the blogger (Magic Rabbit Productions/Flickr)

Published the 04.07.2017 at 12: 33


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The life of a blogger has its risks. It is not Zhang, 26 years old, that reasonably would contradict this statement. The Chinese girl ended up in the hospital after tasting a live aloe vera leaves. Or less of what she thought was aloe. In reality, this blogger reckless has consumed the american agave. A plant toxic and non-irritant.

The video, broadcast live, could well serve as an example to bloggers who share their experiences. A great connoisseur of aloe vera, Zhang decided that the best way to reap the benefits of this was to chew the leaves with gusto. What she is trying to.

Tequila and Mezcal

The tasting session begins rather well. Struggling with long filaments that break off from the sheet, the young woman seems to enjoy the taste. “Yum, this is delicious “, she says. But the experience turns literally to the bitter. After three bites, the Chinese realize the error of his ways, leaves the direct to the hospital.

The mouth of Zhang is like anesthetized ; it is no longer able to speak and her throat burned. This is not surprising. The agave of America is known for its toxicity. A simple contact of the sap with the skin is sufficient to trigger a skin disease. Used in tequila and Mezcal, the plant must first be cooked and processed. What has not been reckless. The confusion is all the more easy that the agave plant is also named the “American aloe” by the Anglo-saxons…

Not surprisingly, doctors have identified many of the rashes and blisters in the mouth of the young woman. They have also had to make a gastric lavage in order to remove the sap and the toxic substances in her digestive system.