Alonzo: Bastard, why do we validate this new title?

Entertainment 21 January, 2017

Back with the title “Bastard”, Alonz ‘proves that he is more fit than ever.
2017, the year of Alonzo? After a first part of career half fig half grape during which he struggled to find his style, with the album account Regulations released in 2015, the rapper from the group Psy4 rhyme found the formula fit him best: away from rap called “conscious” of his friend Soprano (which was recently approved by Jul, like Alonzo matter) , the Marseille rapper assume fully its part ego trip, sometimes in street sounds , Sometimes ambitious. A niche in which he clearly seem to flourish, and in which it seems to want to continue on its way, as evidenced by its new title “Bastard” , which was released two days ago now, and that the We will let you discover now.
In this piece unveiled to the general surprise, we find the whole universe of the Alonzo 2.0. : Ego-trip of daron way Rohff (which has given its opinion on NLP) which stinks lived ( “the Condes jealous they are not touching balls in 2000, it marries Lamborghini” ), a self-pimped chorus , And an instru trap / futuristic. The whole, illustrated by a photo of Denzel Washington in Training Day, which plays a big “bastard” in the film. In short, the good ALZ as we like, and that lets imagine the best for the sequel. What is going to happen next? He who has made a habit out of 2 projects per year, we should certainly have the right to a new album or a new mixtape in the year 2017. And it’s not that we’re complaining … And you, what do Of this brand new title of Alonzo?