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Entertainment 16 January, 2018

festival of the Alpe d’huez

Ten years ago, it was in the Alpe d’huez, a “small” film shot in his native region: Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis… He is back this year at the Festival with his new baby, the opening of the festival.

Since last August, where we had interviewed, Dany Boon has not been idle. Five months after the end of the shoot, the director may already have The Ch’tite family to the public of the Alpe d’huez, which has both brought chance ten years ago, and the jury of Franck Dubosc. The director of 51 years, returns to her native country, not to turn a result, but that’s another story “as moving and funny, I hope.” A designer trendy who is ashamed of his humble origins, and whose family Ch’ti arrives in Paris during the exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo. The confrontation of two worlds that everything opposes.

“The opposite of my story, ” explains Boon. When I went to Paris, I claimed my roots, I was talking about the express with the same emphasis if I am discouraged.”

Then he tells us about his ten weeks of work, conductor of some 150 to 200 people each day, one of the women in his life, Line Renaud, comes the kissing:

“I have prayed for you to have the sun today!” But in the Hauts de France, as we know, this was not won : “My chief op’, which comes from Marseille, has not failed to joke about the weather. But with the kindness, the humanity of the people, it compensates. This is not a cliché!”

The introduction of this new opus from the Hauts de France, this Tuesday night at the international film Festival of comedy of Alpe d’huez, which will be a first test for Dany Boon and his team. We cross our fingers for him!

Dany Boon

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