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Entertainment 15 January, 2018

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From Tuesday until next Sunday, Franck Dubosc will preside over the jury at the 21st festival of comedy of Alpe d’huez. To help it in its task and to reward the films and artists who will illustrate in the programming, it will be surrounded by a jury as original as attractive.

To succeed Omar Sy, who had presided over the jury of the year of the 20 years of the festival of the Alpe d’huez, the organisers have managed to convince one other personality is extremely popular French cinema: Franck Dubosc. A regular appointment, where it is often come to make movies, for example Bis, in 2015, the comedy by Dominique Farrugia with Kad Merad.

This year, Franck Dubosc will be the evening’s special, during which he will present out of competition, his first film as a director, everyone standing up, but the rest of the time it is him and his jurors, will have the honor to rewardthe best in the selection of six films that will be presented.

In his jury, Franck Dubosc will therefore be surrounded by four figures of French cinema : Audrey Dana, Reem Kherici, Arnaud Ducret and Christophe Lambert. He presents them.

My jury is composed of people that I love and that I have chosen. Audrey Dana and Reem Kherici, two actresses-directors and I just love the universe and the leg. Arnaud Ducret, who has a charm. It would be necessary to count with him in the years to come, so as to have him at my side, it can be used ! More surprisingly, the presence of Christopher Lambert. We didn’t know, but he immediately accepted. I remember the first time I went to the Cannes film festival, I was struck by its popularity. A crowd of people gathered thick together in front of his hotel. It is out of the window, it was hailed as the would have made the pope and, ovationné, it is eclipsed. I said to myself, “this is a star “”.

Interview by Carlos Gomez

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