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Entertainment 18 January, 2018


When he was warned that he would not come to the festival of the Alpe d’huez due to personal issues, Rayane Bensetti has finally decided to come and present her film The final. And to accompany and support him, the one who shares his life had also made the trip : Denitsa Ikonomova.

As the fans of Rayane Bensetti who speculated on the reasons of its ill-being, be reassured : this is not sentimental. Contrary to what is said on social networks, the young man is still with his sweetheart Denitsa Ikonomova. The proof : she was at his side on Wednesday evening at the festival of the Alpe d’huez. Discreet, in the background, but present.

The dancer took advantage of a hole in the planning of the tour of Dancing with the stars to accompany and support Rayane Bensetti. On the other hand, for making the trip up to Alpe d’huez, it has had to cancel its participation to the visit of the hôpital Robert Debré in the framework of the operation Yellow Coins. “Unfortunately I have to postpone this visit for personal reasons,” she warned on Twitter.

On Wednesday evening, Rayane Bensetti is mounted on the stage of the Palais des Congrès in the resort to present The final film in which he co-starred with Thierry Lhermitte. Smiling while the heart was not in it, he took the pose for photographers, but did not say a word. The couple is expected to leave today as the actor had announced. “So I decided to come to the festival of the Alpe d’huez, try to put my heartbreak aside for 24 hours… I couldn’t more,” he declared in a lengthy message posted on Instagram, and in which he explained that he had “neither the strength nor the courage to face a public in this state…” but it was when even after that the person he loves most in the world told him to go defend his film. One can only salute the courage of Rayane Bensetti and admire the love of Denitsa this to the side of his beloved for the support in the difficulty.

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