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Entertainment 17 January, 2018

Rayane Bensetti

Concern persists around Rayane Bensetti. The actor is not going well for weeks, but its fans have seen a glimmer of hope when he told on Wednesday that, despite his problems, he came to present his film, The final, at the festival of the Alpe d’huez. If it is mounted on the stage and was loaned to the game of the photos, he did not say a word.

“I have neither the strength nor the courage to face an audience in that state… I know pretend, but at this point it is complicated,” said Wednesday Rayane Bensetti on his account Instagram. We know the actor is affected by “a hardly irreversible” for weeks, he told himself on the social networks. A state and a malaise that would not allow him to come and defend the festival of the Alpe d’huez The final, the film which he co-starred with Thierry Lhermitte. But at the last moment, so he changed his mind, after a discussion with ” the person I love most in the world “ who told him : “Rayane for me stp forgets a day that it’s not going “… and going to make your fucking film at the Alpe d’huez “.

Rayne Bensetti, therefore, was present Wednesday night at the festival. He even agreed to participate in the photocall, taking the pose only, but also with Thierry Lhermitte and the film’s director Robin Sykes. He has also participated in the traditional jet of a snow ball in the company of Sandrine Quétier. A ritual that allows you to capture beautiful images of the guests of the festival.

And then with the entire team of the film, he went in the hall of the palais des festivals for the presentation of The final. If it is mounted on a stage with Thierry Lhermitte and the stage director, he has not said a word. A minimum service, therefore, but a real effort on the part of the winner of Dancing with the stars, which had clearly not on the heart and comedy to the festivities. It should not remain on site more than 24 hours as he has announced on Instagram.

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Rayane BensettiThierry Lhermitte

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