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Entertainment 13 January, 2018


Each year, the festival of l’alpe-d’huez highlights four young shoots of the film, television, the Web, or theatre who have a mission to share their vision of the Festival on the social networks. This year, Kevin Razy, Laura Domenge, Gérémy Crédeville and Melha Bedia have been chosen. Portraits express.

Kevin Razy

Biberonné to the videos of the Unknown, Kevin Razy was the turning point at the age of sixteen after having swallowed the entirety of the series H so that it can not go on vacation. Spotted thanks to its parodies on YouTube, it goes in One does not ask only to laugh, takes a topic in Before the Grand Journal and explodes on stage. He currently has an Appointment with Kevin Razy on Canal+. The regulars of The Alpe-d’huez discovered last year alongside his friend Ahmed Sylla in The ascension, Grand Prize and public Prize. His dream : The Olympia.

Laura Domenge

The theatre, Laura has fallen in ten years. This daughter of the doctor has in effect joined the troupe of brats, with which she played for two years at Bobino, before touring in the United States. A nineteen-year-old, she mounts his company, The Strapantins. She plays, written and staged his shows and a former professor of theatre suggests to him the one-woman show. The result is called PasSages and allows the comedian to thirty years to impose. It is also shown on the channels of humorous YouTube Lolywood and Wonder Fools.

Gérémy Crédeville

If it is the improv since his seventeen-year-old, the native of the Pas-de-Calais did not make a career in the show. He was a sports coach at home when his speech scathing the wedding of a friend and convinced the bride to enter a contest of humor. He wins. On stage, his lyrics trashy and absurd are fly. His Perfect show (and I am modest) is currently showing at the Théâtre du Marais. Gérémy has played in the series The morning (CStar) and the film is already starting to make her eyes soft.

Melha Bedia

Bedia as Ramzy Bedia, yes : it is his little sister. Before finding, it has followed several tracks. Literary baccalaureate with honors at the age of sixteen, she becomes a player in the women’s team of the PSG, and then a stylist and dresser for Diam’s. This is when the rapper makes it up on stage that she has the ” revelation “. As we have seen in the series Les lascars, the film schuss and Pattaya (submitted in 2016 at The Alpe-d’huez) and on stage in her one-woman show, Fat & the Furious. And to say that his brother dissuaded Melha getting started in showbiz…

Franck DuboscRamzy Bédia

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