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Entertainment 20 January, 2018

Camille Cottin

Saturday evening, the 21st festival of the Alpe d’huez came to an end with the traditional closing ceremony and the revelation of the winners. Two films stand out : Dropped and The Final.

“We had to make a choice, it was not easy. But as some films come out at the same time as mine, I couldn’t give them a price “. It is, as usual, with humor that Franck Dubosc has launched the closing ceremony of the 21st festival of comedy of Alpe d’huez. Before I reveal his name, the president of the jury received a special award for his first film as a director,everyone standing up, he presented out of competition Thursday night. “The price of the one that cannot have a price” as have nicknamed the members of the jury, Reem Kherici, Audrey Dana, Christophe Lambert, and Arnaud Ducret. Before moving on to serious matters, Christophe Lambert said, speaking to the organizers of the festival of the Alpe d’huez, Frédéric Cassoly and Clement Lemoine : “Fred and Clement you have the gold between the hands on the emotional level because there is nothing more beautiful than to laugh, to cry, to have feelings “.

The jury then issued his list of victories, starting with the prize for short films awarded to Artem Silendi, Franck Ychou. The best actor prize for men was awarded to Thierry Lhermitte, great in The final, in a grand-father who loses his head to face his grandson played by Rayane Bensetti. Unfortunately, the actor was not present to receive his award. This is Camille Cottin, who received the prix d’interprétation feminine for his role in Dropped, in the face of Miou-Miou and Camille Chamoux. The special prize of the jury went to the film The blanket, Julien Hervé and Philippe Mechelem, camped by a duo of amazing, Kad Merad and Malik Bentalha. The highly anticipated Price to the public, one that bodes well in general of a success in theaters at the time of the release of the films, was awarded to Dropped, directed by Eloïse Lang while the Grand Prix has rewarded The final, Robin Sykes. Despite his personal problems, Rayane Bensetti was the same income to receive the award in the company of the entire team of the film.

The little bonus of this closing evening was the surprise reserved by Franck Gastambide come present the exclusive first trailer of Taxi 5, which he directed and in which he plays with Malik Bentalha.

Camille CottinThierry Lhermitte

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