Alyssa Milano and her little Elizabella, Cristina Cordula, Jean-Marc Généreux and his daughter… the stars are gearing up for Christmas – Gala

Entertainment 21 December, 2017


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More than a few days before the festivities… so the stars are already preparing for Christmas. And it is on the social networks that they let themselves go.

More than a few days before Christmas and the stars are preparing for the festivities. There are those who have already decorated the christmas tree and pose in front as Jean-Marc Généreux and his daughter Francesca, Cristina Cordula, Jade Lagardère or even Mariah Carey. Cara Delevingne, she chose to immortalize the tree alone. It must be said that it is beautifully lined.

Others have preferred to adorn themselves with accessories are symbolic, like the hat of Father Christmas. It is wonderful to Olivier Dion, that it would be nice to see it going down our chimney ! The beautiful Laury Thilleman, and Alyssa Milano, accompanied by his little Elizabella, are gorgeous with this famous hat. The gorgeous Liz Hurley, meanwhile, has chosen as a headband antlers, his dog seems to appreciate. More far-fetched, Tori Spelling, has decorated the bowl of his toilet… Not necessarily for the best effect !

The countdown can start. The magic of Christmas is already in our friends the stars !

Photo credits : @milano_alyssa

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