Amal Clooney would be pregnant with twins according to a family member

Entertainment 5 January, 2017

According to a family member of the lawyer, who spoke to the Daily Star of Lebanon, lawyer specializing in rights and Hollywood actor expect a happy event. The rumor swells.
Amal, 38, and George Clooney, 55, continue to combine the melody of happiness at all times. While Brad Pitt, very close friend of Mr. Nespresso knows the throes of a bloody divorce with his wife Angelina Jolie, the former single string of upheavals in his life. ” I was not looking to get married , the interpreter explained Money Monster. But I met someone I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I was very nervous making my request because we had never spoken . ”
In the spring of 2014, therefore, the irreducible bachelor – marked by a first divorce with Talia Balsam – passed. After a magnificent wedding in Venice, on 29 September of the same year, the couple continues their quest for happiness. Difficult when one is an actor of such fame and a star of the heads, both brought constantly to travel around the world. But the lovebirds – they have just celebrated two years of unclouded marital life – do not seem to want to rhythm their love story to the brilliant strokes of their respective careers. According to the Daily Star Lebanon, citing the Daily Star and and a source close to the lawyer, Amal is pregnant and expect even twins! A little too big to be true? One should not have to wait a long time since, according to the newspaper, the birth should take place in March.