Amber Heard attacks Johnny Depp, he replies!

Entertainment 22 December, 2016

The judicial saga continues! Amber Heard has decided to take his former spouse, Johnny Depp, to justice. The actor does not let go and replies!
And it goes on, over and over again! One thing is certain, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp will have scored this year 2016 but not the best way it is. Their stormy divorce made the headlines of the scandal press and this does not seem to be over. Yes, as you know meltynautes, Amber Heard Johnny Depp attacked in court . The actor Pirates of the Caribbean still has not paid the money divorce to his former wife. Will the twists and turns in this case end soon? That seems to be the opposite! Johnny Depp never gives up and has decided to retaliate by asking for a substantial sum …
There are some days, we wondered if Johnny Depp was preparing a blow against Amber Heard . Well, it seems that the star has planned his plan against attack. A new trial between the two celebrities will soon open and this obviously has a blow. In this case, Johnny Depp Amber Heard asked to pay for this new case files for the modest sum of $ 100 000. On top of that, the star demanded a deduction of the amount that he must give him if the latter does not validate this agreement. The amount ? Nothing but a million dollars. The divorce of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard will have clearly marked the year 2016!