Amber Heard claims more money, Johnny Depp counter-attack

Entertainment 4 January, 2017

While Amber Heard demands that Johnny Depp pay him financial compensation, the latter accuses him of wanting to win the attention of the media at all costs.
In the divorce case of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, each week brings a lot of twists and turns. So they had reached an agreement in August , the actress had publicly accused her ex of domestic violence and it had finally refused to pay him the sum he owed according to the agreement of divorce or $ 7 million . Furious and very determined to get the money, which it is due, Amber had responded by formulating an action in which it asked Johnny to pay all court costs and a renegotiation of the agreement for more than the amount originally promised .
Only, Johnny Depp has taken legal turn and now calls his ex $ 100 000 to cover his legal fees . According to well informed website TMZ , the hero of the Caribbean Pirates , reproach to his ex-wife always return to the previously negotiated agreement would have told the judge that she was ready for anything ” to speak of she and influence public opinion . ” His lawyer Laura Wasser, who has already prevailed in the cause of Angelina Jolie , has meanwhile denounced ” a blatant attempt to extend its heyday quarter ” from Amber Heard.