Amber Heard says Johnny Dep wants to “punish”

Entertainment 5 January, 2017

New and fresh rebound in the divorce case of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. While the actor accuses his ex of wanting to ” extend its heyday quarter ,” it accuses of wanting to prolong the procedure in the only goal of the ” punishment “.
The legal battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is not nearly over. While the situation between the two former seemed to have subsided, the pretty thirty quickly accused the actor not to pay fast enough and not having respected the terms of their agreement last August . As revealed by the knowledgeable website TMZ , who plays Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean would not have referred the cases that her ex had left on his private Caribbean island and could not handed him the keys to The Range Rover he had promised to cede to him.
Amber Heard then reformulated an appeal in which she asked the dad of Lily-Rose and Jack to pay the full costs of justice and especially a renegotiation of their arrangement to get more than the amount originally promised. Furious, the clan of Johnny Depp, defended by the redoubtable Laura Wesser , decided against attack, denouncing ” a blatant attempt to extend his fifteen minutes of fame ” and claiming the sum of $ 100 000 .
This time it is the turn of Entertainment Tonight to reveal newly deposited by Amber Heard documents. Judging his statements, the pretty blonde lives very poorly this situation and hopes that his divorce is granted as soon as possible: ” . Johnny seems to want to extend the legal proceedings as to punish me … I want my life back I want divorce Johnny ” , she lamented.
His lawyer about wanting him accused Johnny delay the proceedings for her ex pay a maximum fee . ” If he was genuinely interested in the deal, it would have doomed his efforts to complete the applications for which it lacks the signatures of his lawyers, he would have cooperated in other actions required by their agreement rather than wasting the resources of the Court with this demand full of bad faith “.