Amel Bent: how she lives since the release from prison of her husband?

Entertainment 29 November, 2016

Last September, Patrick Antonelli was released from custody. A release which allowed the businessman to find his wife, Amel Bent, and their daughter Sofia who were only waiting for the return of the men in their lives.

amel-bent-2016-sourireWhen we have learned to live without being we love, not knowing when we find him, we must also succeed in making him a place on his return. For four long months, from mid-May to mid-September, Amel Bent made the sad learning a single mother of life. With the main reason for living his little Sofia, then aged just weeks. While her man making his custody in connection with an investigation into a false driving license traffic, the singer and her daughter have built a small world not flinch.
So obviously, at the time of reunion with Patrick Antonelli, September 14, Amel and Sofia were finally able to push a big sigh of relief. But since we must learn to live together, three, and recreate that family ties broken by the detention in the prison of the Hauts-de-Seine. Gradually, the singer and her man are rediscovered, they found their intimacy before exposing them to new couple to everyone. Theater, comedy shows, dinners at posh restaurant in the capital … Amel and Patrick up for lost time in their own way. C is also accompanying Sofia nine months now in his early discoveries they fully invest their mission as parents . From the piano with family on Sunday for walks in strollers, the couple is there 100% for their daughter.
Now supported by the presence of her husband at her side, Amel Bent feels again the courage to get on with the music. As revealed in Le Parisien today, Patrick Antonelli is not completely bleached and investigations around this false business license continues. A trial is still standing and in a few months, the manager of the driving school know his sentence. For fear of a terrible outcome or habit, Amel Bent lives in an emergency . Singing, laughter, love without restraint, the interpreter of My philosophy is carried by a single force: the love of the beloved.