Amelie Neten: Her reaction to Senna’s participation in Les Anges 9!

Entertainment 4 January, 2017

The pretty Belgian did not go by four ways.
Do not count on the pretty blonde to express themselves on the subject.
It’s official, we know the starting cast of angels 9 . This Wednesday, January 4, 2017, NRJ12 unveiled the identity of the 11 candidates who flew to Miami earlier this week. And surprise, Senna Hounhanou is one of them. The young man – who had hit the headlines in 2015 for violence against a former girlfriend – had not appeared on television since 2011, in the first season of the Angels of reality TV , which turned to Los Angeles. So many Internet users have sent a message to Amelie Neten through social networks to find out what she thought of her former boyfriend’s return.
Not surprisingly, the mother of Hugo (6 years) told them bluntly: ” Please, I do not care about his return to Angels , thank you to quit ask me 100 times J. ‘have my life, my projects and the rest. “Amélie Neten has indeed turned reality TV page to focus on animation. It was therefore found as a columnist in the Mad Mag or as an animator in Revenge of the former . On the heart, the Belgian tornado leaves the perfect love with former professional footballer Philippe Leonard.