Amelie Neten, maman proud: Her little Hugo flies before his eyes!

Entertainment 30 December, 2016

A beautiful gift …
When she tired of being constantly criticized for various reasons on the social networks, Neten Amelia knows she can count on her little Hugo (5 years) for quick smile again.
” Poor hostess ” on NRJ12? ” Too much plastic surgery “? Amelie (31 years) is accustomed to undergo the wrath of Internet users. So, a few days after Christmas, the pretty mother decided to continue the feast of the holidays at the end of the year far from what will be said by realizing the dream of her boyfriend … That to fly like Peter Pan !
Indeed, 29 December, the former star of the Angels of reality TV (NRJ12) has released a new video of his son addicted to Disneyland Paris about to twirl in the air thanks to a free fall simulator Fly In, located in Liège, Belgium.
” My life, proud of him ,” said she commented legend of this video, in which we see the small Hugo up and down in the air with a professional. Of course, the admirers of Amélie Neten were not slow to react to this publication. ” You’re a single mom “, ” This is too cute. Amelie is a very good mom ,” ” Rho he would be too happy, it must be as terrible feeling !!! ” could be read from the first reactions .