American Gods: Episode 3, SPOILER alive, our review

Cinema 16 May, 2017

Last night, episode 3 of American Gods was broadcast on Starz. What happened in “Head Full of Snow”? It’s time to discover it as well as the episode 4 promo video!
Monday is synonymous with American Gods , the new Starz series. If the pilot was very much appreciated by the public, who was rather receptive to this universe half-real half imaginary, what about episode 3? Did the duo Shadow and Wenesday work so much? The editorial of melty offers you to discover his criticism of “Head Full of Snow”. Last week, in episode 2 of American Gods, reality and the virtual continued to dispute . Today, it seems that the imaginary took over making this episode difficult to understand and a little chaotic . The barrier between the two worlds was minimal and the absurd side was strengthened.
We were very mixed with this episode of American Gods that we watched. He staged different stories in parallel, which for the moment had no connection at all. What are the screenwriters looking for? What is the actual plot of the TV show? If we understand that Wenesday and Shadow are on their way to creating an army of ancient Gods to fight technology, who are really their allies? In this episode 3, the flagship duo of the series has almost been relayed to the background , only the last moments of the episode have brought them to light. Obviously, their humor is the highlight of the series and they love to hate each other. Their disagreement is their strength. In “Head Full of Snow” , Wenesday pointed a bank. Obviously, Shadow has done everything to dissuade him but his boss has replicas that remain engraved like “you are my bodyguard , your role is to keep my body.” . Suffice to say that he did not have a say and that he was lucky not to be caught by the police!
This episode 3 blended that absurd side which becomes more and more important in the series as well as extreme violence to make the spectator uncomfortable, especially scenes of sex. Let’s say that the advantage of “Head Full of Snow” , which makes us want to continue the series is his final twist. When he goes to his hotel room, Shadow discovers his wife on his bed. She is not dead ! What is his story. Is it real? Questions about life and death, the real and the imaginary take an important place in the show. Hopefully the next episodes will clarify some points! Moreover, episode 4 of American Gods will be devoted to the character of Laura , the wife of Shadow. We will learn more about her life and death, her encounter with her husband but also on the way she has traveled to get to this hotel room. The video promo gives us hope and especially makes us want to discover the rest of the series! But in the meantime, discover the spoilers of the week . What did you think of the episode?