American Gods Season 2: Everything you already know about the sequel!

Cinema 24 June, 2017

American Gods has barely finished on Starz as details on the second season have already fallen and attention, it promises!
At the American Gods Season Final, the war between the Ancients and the New Gods broke out . Moreover, Shadow has become a true believer and their journey is only beginning. This adaptation on the small screen Neil Gaiman’s novel has reaped great reviews from the fans and caused a sensation. Moreover, barely launched on Starz, the series had already been renewed for a season 2 , that is to say. However, the series experienced some changes along the way as nine episodes were originally scheduled in this first season, but due to budgetary cost it was reduced to eight. Yet we can already be reassured because American Gods showrunner Bryan Fuller promised a season 2 much more intense.
In an interview with The Wrap , American Gods’ showrunner announced that Season 2 would feature 10 episodes and said: “At the start we had another episode under our elbow, and we had to finish our We finally thought that if we finished our season an episode earlier, it would have a bigger impact on the story. ” . Actually, he did not wrong, the finale of American Gods was absolutely epic. It closed with the sign that announces the tourist attraction “House on the Rock” and it looks intense. The adventure of Shadow is far from over.
In the final of season 1 of American Gdods, Shadow Moon finally found the Faith and discovered that Mr Wednesday was actually the God of War, Odin, which leaves a very interesting plot for the rest of the series . In fact, the showrunner told Deadline : “I think it’s a much more personal drama that will be waiting for us in Season 2 and it’s really exciting, especially the notion of rivalry between Laura Moon and Mr. Wednesday. More, now that Shadow understands the world of the gods and divinities a little better, we shall see him become a kind of apostle and we shall see what kind he can be. ” . The sequel to American Gods will also see new characters being introduced in the show , From the novels of Neil Gaiman. This season promises to be explosive. Unfortunately, it will be necessary to wait until mid 2018 to see the adventures of Shadow. To wait until this moment, discover the spoilers of the week! And what are you waiting for?