American Gods : the chain tries to reassure on the following, after problems behind the scenes

Cinema 30 July, 2018






Season 2 of American Gods will well, despite major conflicts behind the scenes.

It was one of the novelties of the most appealing of 2017 : American Gods, “an adaptation of Neil Gaiman headed by Bryan Fuller (Hannibal, Pushing Daisies) and Michael Green, with a very nice list of actors (Ian McShane, Crispin Glover, Gillian Anderson, Emily Browning, and Ricky Whittle) and directors (Vincenzo Natali, David Slade). The first images heralded a universe of haunting beauty, at the height of this crazy story of gods living among men, and the generic was selling the dream.


And if the first season was successful in spite of the vacuum passages and concerns in terms of pace and storytelling, things are quickly complicated behind the scenes. Due to the order of a season 2, Bryan Fuller and Michael Green have left the series, after having written almost half of the suite. At issue : disagreement artistic and financial, budget and management.

Gillian Anderson and Kristin Chenoweth, the faithful, Fuller, quickly left the series, and Jesse Alexander has been hired as showrunner alongside Neil Gaiman himself. Which is apparently one of the facets of the problem, the writer having frequently struggled against the decisions of the previous two show runners.


One of the many memorable images of season 1


More than a year after the end of the first season in June 2017, the season is still not announced specifically as 2019. But Carmi Zlotnik, one of the captains of Starz, ensures that all goes well. Has Indiewire, he said that the first few episodes were completed, and they are “fantastic” :

“I can say with confidence that we will follow the tradition of season 1, and will produce a few moments of tv are mind-blowing. Neil is involved, inherently. Jesse Alexander talks to him probably every day, and it speaks to him frequently. He has other responsibilities and other series he’s done, but Neil Gaiman is the heart and soul of American Gods, so I can’t imagine a version where it would not be involved”.

What imagine that if there was real conflict between Gaiman and Fuller/Green, the production has not hesitated to choose and take a camp.


Mr. Wednesday and Shadow Moon


However, Bryan Fuller and Michael Green will be credited as executive producers, even if their scenarios for the beginning of season 2 have apparently been completely abandoned. Zlotnik says :

“I would like to think that they are still part of the family, we love them and they have offered us a great start. Jesse has worked with Bryan, and I think we are still in school, Bryan Fuller because he has been trained by him, and thus bears a large part of its DNA”.

It is also incumbent on the departure of Gillian Anderson, who would never have signed up for a season 2, and was not prepared to resume the role of Media. It is, therefore, Kahyun Kim, who will replace it. And Zlotnick is certainly happy to be able to use the rules of the divine world ofAmerican Gods in order to justify this New Media. Dean Winters and Devery Jacobs will also in this new season.

Still, Zlotnick refused to give any precision on the dissemination of the season 2, scheduled for 2019.


Gillian Anderson in Media V1