American Horror Story Season 6: Episode 10, a great mystery solved Season 2!

Cinema 17 November, 2016

The Season Finale of season 6 of American Horror Story unveiled yesterday on one of the questions that haunt the fans since season 2: what happened to Lana Winters? SPOILERS.

american-horror-story-saison-6-roanoke-seasonHow Lana Winters led his boat since season 2 of American Horror Story which she was the ultimate survivor? The Season Finale of season 6 of AHS broadcast yesterday on the FX has, against all odds, provided an answer to this question with which fans of the series torment for nearly four years. We told you, there are many days that a character Asylum was confirmed in Roanoke, season 6 of American Horror Story . He could not be that of her! Remember, at the time this reporter had infiltrated the Biarcliff asylum in order to approach an alleged serial killer, admitted to this institution. Lana Winters, aka Sarah Paulson, had completed his story by giving her baby up for adoption. Johnny was the result of rape by Lana Oliver Thredson doctor Briarcliff which turned out to be the real serial killer. At the Season Finale, many years later, Johnny became also a bloodthirsty killer, known by the nickname Bloody Face, as his biological father. He then moved heaven and earth to find Lana and end his life. Fortunately for her, the journalist was able to divert his attention at the right time and returning his weapon against him. Inevitably, she shot him … Years passed and Lana reappeared last night in episode 10 of Roanoke.
Her character has been designated to take the testimony of Lee Harris, the last survivor of Back to Roanoke: Three days in hell responsible for the disappearance of three other characters. Despite video evidence, we learned yesterday evening that no charges have been filed against Lee for three murders. However it was always suspected of killing her ex-husband, Mason. Despite the accuser testimony of his daughter Flora, Lee has still been paid. His real punishment: being deprived of her daughter to live with her grandparents. This is to convince her to return to her that Lee agreed that famous interview with Lana Winters. During the interview, we find out how the two women have in common . And yes, they are both back from hell, and each ended the life of human beings. The big news: Lana has also not been convicted for the murder of his son. “I killed a psychopathic killer before he kills me. I did what I had to do” . Since then she had withdrawn from the world and rebuilt away from the bustle. The murder of her son was recognized as self-defense, she has also managed to avoid jail box … Now find our criticism of the Season Finale of season 6 of American Horror Story. You inspired the return of Lana Winters?