American Horror Story Season 6: Episode 10 tonight, one last killing for the season finale?

Cinema 16 November, 2016

Tonight FX diffuse episode 10 of season 6 of American Horror Story, which is mostly the season finale! Should we expect a final massacre?

american-horror-story-saison-6-episode-10Scream, tremble, cry! The episode 9 of season 6 of American Horror Story, for which we offer our criticism , did not fail to captivate us and unfortunately it’s tonight that the US cable channel FX will offer us to discover the episode 10, which is also the season finale. Yes, the adventure ends with a third act seems to happen some time after the last events we attended. Lee has gone through a trial and we learn that it is today as much loved as hated by the public . So she will tell her truth in show Lana Winters, the journalist that we followed during season 2 of the horror series. Then she will succeed to crack Lee? The latter she will tell the truth about his actions? New revelations will they be doing? We do not doubt that the episode is sure to captivate us!
Obviously, we ask very many questions, starting with whether the nightmare is back and if Lee will eventually die? We also wonder if Evan Peters will offer us a new cameo and if Matt Bomer will finally make his long-awaited appearance? Will we see the return of some of our heroes? Let us see the house? A new family she will take the risk to move? Whatever happens, this season is definitely the most amazing we have ever seen and Ryan Murphy has succeeded to retain full mystery of what to expect ! The producers of Game of Thrones, the entirety of the intrigues of the episodes of season 7 leaked , have much to learn from him! What do you expect this final episode?