American Horror Story Season 6: Horror films that inspired Ryan Murphy

Cinema 24 November, 2016

Ryan Murphy has inspired many horror movies to make the season 6 of American Horror Story.

american-horror-story-saison-6-episode-9Let’s start with the famous film 1979 Amityville . As Matt and Shelby, the Lutz family seeks home of his dreams. Parents invest their savings in a large house whose price challenge any competition. They do not know of course that the house was the scene of a terrible massacre. When they discover the truth, it’s already too late … In addition, the girl’s family was also an imaginary friend who turns out to be a ghost. Like Flora and Priscilla, she befriends some Jody . Then we find the Poltergeist Tom Hooper. The Freeling family leads a quiet life until their daughter disappears and begins to communicate through television. Parents then use a psychic to help them find her. In the series, it is Cricket Lee that reveals where Flora and is Priscilla. One wonders also what will be the theme of Season 7 of American Horror Story.
Continuing with the most significant tribute: The Blair Witch Project . This horror film is one of the first to use the found-footage (it is to present part or all of a film as a genuine video recording, mostly filmed by the protagonists of the story .) In the series, each character uses his mobile to film the events. We also find wooden dolls in the forest and the arrival of teenagers in search of adventure . Another obvious reference, the ” Murder ” in letters of blood drawn by nurses. She recalled a mythical scene Shining by Stanley Kubrick. Danny’s son writes Jack lipstick the same word but in reverse. Finally, Ryan Murphy also pays tribute to the film The Grudge and The Exorcist. With disjointed movements of the daughter of the Chen family. We all remember the famous staircase descent to the upside of the poor Regan. We understand why the series is so terrifying: Ryan Murphy was inspired by some of the best horror films of the history of the genre! To stay in the theme, find the most shocking 5 dead of season 6 of American Horror Story. What’s your favorite horror movie?