American Horror Story Season 6 Season Finale, the worst is yet to come, our criticism

Cinema 17 November, 2016

The worst is still to come in the season finale of season 6 of American Horror Story. Find out why in our review!

american-horror-story-saison-6-episode-2For this last episode, Ryan Muprhy continue his immersion in the world of television. This time with a new show, ” Crack’d ” , which comes a year after the events of this terrible nightmare. Roanoke has everything to please a wide audience: horror, blood, sex, suspense, mystery and the paranormal. The networks know this very well and take full advantage. Lee will pay the price, since it is the star. Another master stroke by Ryan Murphy who laughs here dozens pseudo legal US emissions . To our surprise we learned that in addition to be the sole survivor of episode 9 of season 6 of American Horror Story , Lee was acquitted of all charges. But the prosecutor refuses the award and decided to continue for the murder of Mason. He is the perfect example: Flora. She witnessed the death of her father and she does not hesitate to testify against Lee. But this is really desperate to survive and it is up to convince jurors that his daughter is mad. Again, his plan is a success.
This episode also mark the return of the famous journalist Asylum, Lana Winters. Welcome once again the perfect performance of Sarah Paulson, chameleon. Facing the emblematic figure of Lee, she can not resist long to come out of retirement for one last interview . The two women have much in common, they both survived traumatic events. A boon to the journalist who sued scoops his entire career. It ends beautifully with the last episode of ” The Lana Winters Special ” dedicated to Lee. But we are not after our surprises. It is learned that Flora has disappeared and there has been noticed the arrival of Lot. Armed with an assault rifle, he plans revenge for Lee. But he is killed directly by the security forces. Probably a review for Ryan Murphy to the gun control in the United States.
For the first time since the beginning of the season the horror is not only focused on the blood and gore. It is translated by the hype that is often made after the tragic events. The live death Lot does not prevent the spread of yet another show about Roanoke . Three ” paranormal specialist ” (already in season 2 AHS) decided at their peril to reach home. They are accompanied by one of the few players who did not participate in season 2 of Roanoke, Ashley Gilbert. Here we go again for a season 3! With guest stars Lee, Flora, the pig man, the Chen family, nurses, The Butcher, Priscilla and the colony. As expected, everyone was massacred, except of course Lee and Flora. All American television stations rushed to the scene to film live the events. The season ended on a strangely poetic and almost peaceful end. Lee sacrifices himself to Flora, protecting Priscilla for eternity. The house of horror is consumed while the child throws a last look at his mother and her friend. This episode will probably remain the best this season. And now, it’s over … But do not be sad, because, American Horror Story, Ryan Murphy already preparing a series on the mysterious Bermuda Triangle. What did you think of this episode?