American Horror Story Season 7: Several new theories we like on the topic of upcoming episodes!

Cinema 26 November, 2016

The theme of Season 7 of American Horror Story will be released in the Spring, new theories we particularly like are coming!
There’s the idea! While we dévoilions what could be the first hint of the theme of Season 7 of American Horror Story , theories are becoming more and more about what will be offered in the next anthology series FX . Some seem totally improbable, but others have conquered us. Thus, the first theory which we wish to share is called “Cthulhu, the sea monster” . Following the mysterious teaser unveiled on social networks of the series and its strange message “Sweet Dreams” , the idea here is that next season we propose to be confronted with Cthulhu, the sea monster. In the novels of Howard Phillips Lovecraft, Cthulhu was a sea monster, a creature that sleeps and dreams in an underwater city. This card also has the ability to communicate with humans while sleeping, and so make them mad . This idea associated with that of a season aboard a ship or an enclosed space would be enough to scare us.
Another theory, which has already been supported for other seasons, suggests that Season 7 will lead us to an orphanage! Children have always had important roles and it is true that all of the series of orphans could be gathered in one place. We obviously think of Michael, the son of Tate evil of Murder House , Flora and young Polk Roanoke , but also those of Hotel , as Lachlan. This same orphanage could lead us to many times and so we offer connections with the children of Asylum and Freak Show . We see, there are enough children to form the basis of an orphanage and we have already seen evidence that production is able to make us tremble with young actors , whether those who terrorize or those are terrorized.
An idea that is becoming increasingly important is that the season 7 of American Horror Story can lead us to the heart of World War II! The fans have noted many indications to support this theory: when Lee, Matt, and Flora Shelby watch television in a hotel, we see a brief shot of an American flag on the moon, a sign of conquest. We could see a Confederate flag in the barn of Polk. Also, Dylan mentioned that he fought in Afghanistan repeatedly. Clearly, the war and battlefield seems possible theme. Moreover, that time could offer us great connections with Asylum and Freak Show , or even with Coven .
As we said, are many theories on the next theme. Beyond the three that we have you present, some think that Season 6 was the beginning of a second cycle repeating the first. Season 6 as season 1 led us in a haunted house. Indeed, season 7 will lead us back into an asylum, but in another time, with another story and of course new characters. Next, season 8 will be devoted to witchcraft and so on. A very interesting theory but fail to surprise us. Others think that Season 7 will take us in the famous Area 51, in the ranks of government forces , which face the aliens. Thus, a result would be given to events of season 2 and purpose aliens we could be unveiled. The season 7 of American Horror Story, for which we révélions when it should be released , has not finished let us talk. What do you think of these theories?