Amir in concert, his first Olympia will remain unforgettable

Entertainment 20 March, 2017

He did it ! Amir offered an unforgettable evening to his audience by making his very first Olympia. Back on a memorable concert.
Yesterday , while Drake ignited the canvas by unveiling his new album More Life , Amir was experiencing one of the most intense moments of his career. After a remarkable and remarkable passage to The Voice , a sixth place amply deserved to the Eurovision , a double disk of platinum for his album Au coeur de moi , the singer landed for the first time on the mythical scene of the Olympia. Yes, it was indeed the four letters of his first name which illuminated the Boulevard des Capucines with red light. Inevitably, the editor of melty could not miss this! Knowing that she was discovered on the MFA 2016 scene , it was a great pride to attend such a show .
To make it short, everything was perfect from start to finish. It started strong with the first part of Nazim, the man of the shadow who finally passes in the spotlight . He is certainly one of the most talented artists of our generation. You may not know his face yet, but you listen to his songs in a loop. From “I Searched” to “On Dirait” by Amir through “Andalusian”, “Conmigo” by Kendji Girac Nazim is everywhere. It is also he who signed “Requiem”, the title with which Alma will represent France at Eurovision . In short, it was the perfect choice to open the ball for such a memorable evening. Needless to say, the audience was well prepared to welcome the long-awaited Amir on stage. Hardly had the lights off than the room was already on fire.
The concert begins with an Amir always smiling to perform his new single “Au coeur de moi” : “Plunge in the heart of me, deep in my abysses, my abyss tell me what you see.” The message is clear, Amir opens us the doors of his world by chaining the titles. Special mention for “On Dirait” and “I searched” . Impossible to choose what was most moving: The audience who sang the words in chorus or Amir who looked at it with bright eyes . And then who says first Olympia, of course says a nice lot of surprises. No one expected to see Black M come on stage and yet … Evidence to support with the videos below.
The rapper was there to sing his tube “On my way” in duet with Amir. Double surprise when Kev Adams pointed in turn by interpreting “The Prince Aladin” . As if that was not enough, the show ended with a resumption of “Shape Of You: ” It was a bet I made with Ed Sheeran, I have to sing in the middle of the crowd and send him The video. ” Even in a packed Olympia, Amir remains close to his fans and makes them live unique moments. Talent, energy and availability, it seems that the singer has found the recipe for success . You will understand, even the next day, the chills are still there. Who was there ?