Amir, Matt Pokora … The most stylish guys come to MFA 2017!

Entertainment 7 February, 2017

The melty Future Awards 2017 is tonight, live from the Grand Rex in Paris. You will have the opportunity to meet the most stylish guys of their generation. Amir, Matt Pokora and Nathan Sykes will be part of the game!
It’s D-Day. This evening, the 2014 Melty Future Awards debut at the Grand Rex in Paris. During this ceremony, one will be able to cross a parterre of stars ultra-styled. In particular we will see Amir and Nathan Sykes to pose in the Golden Carpet … Matt Pokora who talked about tattoos exclusive will also be very present. Even Chris Macari, the guy who revolutionized the imagery of French rap should attend the ceremony. So you understood it. The MFA 2017 is the evening that should not be missed. Did not you take your place? It does not matter. The editorial reserve a nice surprise
If you plan to attend the ceremony, it will get your best smartphone to capture selfies with your favorite stars . And do not forget to load it to block to share your shots on social networks. Of course, a perch to selfies would also be welcome. But if unfortunately, you have not managed to shopper your boarding pass, you can always follow the melty Future Awards 2017 on the Facebook page of melty which will broadcast the ceremony live. Come on, get ready, the best party of the year is waiting for you tonight!