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Entertainment 30 August, 2017


Amputated a toe, a former machinist of Katy Perry would have decided to lodge a complaint against the star. Injured during a concert, she says no one came to help.

Christina Fish, the former a machinist of Katy Perry, no longer hides her anger. As reported on Wednesday the american website TMZ, the young woman, who worked on the previous tour of the singer, Katy Prismatic World Tour, three years ago, has recently filed a complaint against the star, following the terrible accident which she was the victim. The facts date back more precisely to a concert by Katy Perry on June 23, 2014 in Raleigh, North Carolina.

After Christina Fish, we would have asked her that night to help move a partition wall in the middle of a concert, but the piece of decoration would be blocked, and would have fallen on the foot of the young woman. It also asserts that person in the staff of the tour had wished to call an ambulance to take care of it, so that she suffered greatly. It would, therefore, finally resigned to call a friend to go to the emergency room by his own means.

Following the shock, his big toe was quickly reached by gangrene. A situation particularly stressful, and painful, and for several months the young woman has not been able to rely on his foot… Until the doctors tell him finally that it was necessary to amputate the toe.

Today, the young woman has more than nine toes, and had to give up his favorite sport, yoga. She blames, in part, Katy Perry and his team, for their mismanagement of the accident. The interpreter of Bon Appetit, and ex-girlfriend of Orlando Bloom, whom she is still very close, did not wish to respond to the controversy for the time being. On his side, Christina Fish hope with this complaint touching in compensation, a large sum of money, not yet revealed.

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