An ambition that is intimate : in the Face of the controversy, Karine Le Marchand cup Gilbert Rozon mounting on request M6 – Gala

Entertainment 31 January, 2018

Case Gilbert Rozon

Already gummed France has an incredible talent, Gilbert Rozon has also been cleared for the next number, An ambition that is intimate.

Last year, the viewers of M6 discovered a new aspect of political figures through the issuance of An ambition, intimate, presented by Karine Le Marchand. The issue, however, had also made controversy by his appearance ” pipolitique “, and Emmanuel Macron had even refused to participate, justified at the time by saying : “It’s quite a show. I can talk about my life but I don’t want to put in scene “.

Now that the presidential election is over, the show will change the face of hosting the artists. The first guest of this new version, launched on 6 February next : Franck Dubosc. The opportunity for the comedian to tell it, and speak as well to talk about his career than his private lifee. Several guests will be of the party : Dany Brilland, Gérard Darmon… one of The persons present during the recording, however, will be conspicuously absent.

In fact, Gilbert Rozon was originally supposed to appear in the show : in fact, he has been the first producer of the artist. But, in the wake of the scandal which he was the victim – he is accused of sexual harassment – it has been cut at the assembly, as had been The case for France, has an incredible talent. Interviewed by Télé 7 jours, Karine Le Marchand endorses this decision : “We do not deny that he was on the shoot, but we didn’t want to fuel the controversy by showing it. The chain has asked me to remove the mount, I did. If I had been the director of programs, I would have done the same thing. “Even if she confesses that this has not necessarily been easy :” I can tell you that it was not easy technically, entire sequences are in the trash. “


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