An American gave birth to her first child

Health 17 July, 2017


Published the 17.07.2017 at 17h54


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“Men can have children “, claim high and loud Trystan Reese, a man who is transgender, and her husband Biff Chaplow in a video on Facebook. On July 14, Trystan gave birth to Leo, a little boy of 4,250 pounds 54,61 cm.

Born as a woman, he started to take testosterone to become a man at the age of 19 years. But he never wanted to go until the end of the transition and preferred to keep his reproductive organs in women. “This (surgery, ed) costs tens of thousands of dollars, with a 50% chance of becoming incontinent. I love my body as it is “, he explained to Paris Match.

Advocate for the LBGT

After 9 years of married life and the adoption of the two nephews of Biff, Trystan wanted to wear their 3rd child. “I threw myself into this adventure because one of my very close friends has done the same. I am the only one to talk about it, but there are many trans men who are in the same situation “, he entrusted to the French magazine.

By engaging in this project of pregnancy, the couple felt invested of a mission for the LGBT cause. Throughout the pregnancy, they shared photos and videos on their page Facebook, even to receive messages of hate.

But none of this managed to spoil their happiness. Since Saturday, they publish pictures of their little ones and messages of joy. “We are the angels. It is beautiful and in full health ! “said Biff on the social network. A happy event that could happen in this family atypical because Trystan has loved being ” pregnant “.