An episode of diabetes during pregnancy increases the risk of developing diabetes later

Health 10 January, 2018


Published the 10.01.2018 to 09: 00


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The research team conducted a systematic analysis of 30 studies on 2 626 905 pregnant women. The interest was to assess the risk of true diabetes occurring after an episode of diabetes that can occur during pregnancy (” gestational diabetes “).
Participants with gestational diabetes earlier had a greater risk of diabetes account for 7.76 compared to participants without a history of gestational diabetes. The risk increases after adjustment of several criteria : age, pregnancy, BMI. The risk of diabetes was the highest of 3 to 6 years after gestational diabetes.

Change the way of life

We already know that the diabetes type 2 early greatly increases the risk of disease microvascular (retinopathy, renal, and nervous) and atherosclerosis. Women who have an episode of diabetes during pregnancy are at high risk of developing true diabetes at 3 to 6 years after the pregnancy which can increase the risk of atherosclerosis and lesions, microvascular in this young population.
The study highlights the importance of initiating early on, a change of life-style on the 3 years after the pregnancy to hopefully prevent or delay the onset of diabetes.

“Several controlled trials are underway to test the effectiveness of lifestyle changes on the risk of diabetes in women with gestational diabetes,’ said lead author of the study. “These trials can provide strong evidence regarding the benefits of such an intervention to this group of high-risk women “.